Friday, June 28, 2013

Mom jeans: hot or not?

Not so long ago, I remember watching movies or music videos from the 90`s, thinking: "Thank god these shapeless high-wasted jeans are long gone, it would be a nightmare to wear them - so ugly they are!" Little did I know that in 2013 the pants, that are generally known as "mom jeans," will make a huge comeback, and even I, who used to think they were truly horrible, would be tempted to try them on! I guess this is just one of those hot fashion trends - the first time you see it, you`re put off, but it grows on you, and before you know it - you begin to find it sexy and adorable, and you want to wear it too!

But no matter how trendy, the question still remains, are "mom jeans" your friend or foe? Can they ever be flattering to the figure?  Just looking at the beaming Beverly Hills cast above, all of them wearing the  favorite jeans of their time (which happen to be the jeans in question), I notice that girls appear extra curvy, especially Kelly - the bobshell of the show. However Donna is looking fine. Why? Exactly, because she is really skinny. And I guess that`s your answer - either ditch the mom jeans unless you are very skinny, or go for it, if you really don`t mind visually adding extra centimeters to your belly, hips and butt. And if you`re still unsure, here are some more mom jean looks as well as shopping suggestions if you do fancy them.

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