Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome, rebels!

Whether you followed the link I posted somewhere or stumbled upon this blog by chance, you might be wondering - why "denim rebel"? Is denim really that rebellious? Well, in a way, it is. Over the last 100 years, jeans made their transition from the practical uniform of cowboys to the key fashion item. But besides carrying the spirit of the Wild West, denim became the uniform of the young, wild and reckless, and has played a vital role in the fashion culture all these years. Naturally denim is now worn pretty much by all - from toddlers to their great grandparents, and yet it still carries its eternal free spirit, especially if represented by a pair of classic blue jeans, distressed and combined with printed tees, leather and cool booties. For me personally denim is just one of those favorite things - over the years I`ve owned everything in denim, from a pair of Converse to a wallet, and jeans remain the key part of almost every outfit I wear. I guess for me having so much denim in one`s wardrobe signifies refusal to grow up - at least in terms of style, and refusal to become serious and ladylike - choosing mischief, rock-n-roll, and living on the edge instead. And this is what The Denim Rebel is going to be about - rocking it out, staying cool and free and enjoying all the awesome denim life has to offer. 

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